Driving Loafers With Jeans

January 09, 2015

One of the classic combinations you can go for to achieve the typical Hugs & Co. relaxed traditional look is driving loafers with jeans. Its a favourite with stylish individuals all over the world and sets you up for a number of occasions. With the great range of colours available from Hugs & Co. you can set yourself apart and inject some individuality into the look. Try a dark blue pair of jeans and our bright red penny loafers or go for a more informal look with brown jeans a checked shirt and our tobacco suede tasselled driving loafers.  

Well cut jeans are available in so many colours now that you can switch it round and choose driving loafers in a more reserved colour (Hugs & Co. penny loafers in navy suede) and team them with bright green or sky blue leg wear. 

By swapping out your Saturday sneakers for a pair of navy suede laced driving loafers with jeans you can you can effortlessly transform a very casual outfit. 


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