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June 26, 2017

The latest summer colours for Women from Hugs & Co.

Hugs and co women's driving loafers

As promised here are some of the latest colours for the summer from Hugs & Co. Women's driving loafers never looked so good and we're delighted to welcome into the collection pistachio green, taupe, ice pink and a sumptuous ink blue. 

hugs and co women's driving shoes

Each pair features the studded rubber sole creating total flexibility for your feet as they move. The hand stitching, leather lining and soft Italian suede all come together to form the high level of luxury synonymous with Hugs & Co. footwear. 

hugs and co women's pink shoes

Women's penny driving loafers, ice pink suede, £104.99


pistachio green driving loafers

Women's fringed driving loafers, pistachio suede, £124.99

ink blue suede driving loafers hugs and co

Women's penny driving loafers, ink blue suede, £104.99

June 12, 2017

The Hugs & Co. Best Playing Pony Award at Ham Polo Club

Ham Polo Club Hugs and co
Another prestigious tournament concluded at Ham Polo Club and following the final the Hugs & Co. Best Playing Pony Award was presented. On this occasion the judging panel selected Blancacita for the award; an Argentine mare played by Vendeta team owner Garrie Renucci. 
Garrie was presented with Hugs & Co. driving loafers in Safari Green suede, one of the new colours due for release in the summer collection next week. Look out for news of these, even more colours and some fresh styles just around the corner. 
June 02, 2017

Summertime colours from Hugs & Co.

Hugs and co driving loafers

The summer is here and it's time for some fantastic colours in your outfits. Hugs & Co. are offering a collection packed with iridescence thats sure to peak your interest. With shades like aqua, peach and shell pink you'll be sure to find the pastel shade thats perfect for you. Bolder colours include petrol blue and candy pink amongst a veritable spectrum of pigments available. 

Stay tuned though as there'll more in store soon. Pistachio, ice pink and ink blue are all on their way soon along with more tremendous tints. 

May 26, 2017

The Hugs & Co. Best Playing Pony Award at Ham Polo Club

ham polo club hugs and co

Hugs & Co. will be continuing their support of the Best Playing Pony awards at Ham Polo Club during the 2017 season. The judges will select the most outstanding pony of each tournament final to be presented with a rug as well as some gifts for the rider from the Hugs & Co. collection. 

The first winner this year was Tintera, a Polo Argento mare bred by the Araya family in Coronel Suarez, Argentina. The 6yo is in her first season here in the UK and was played by Juan Cruz Araya Martelli in the final of the Ham House tournament. 

March 24, 2017

Do things differently with a suit

Thinking of veering away from your tired black leather lace-ups? Bending the rules doesn't have to mean causing a remarkable scene. Here are a few subtle changes you can make to your footwear choices that will go perfectly with your favourite suits. 

As we move into spring revive your navy suit with a pair of blue suede crepe sole loafers from Hugs & Co. These combine navy blue English suede with a natural crepe rubber sole. The leather welt on the sole has been left in a light natural colour to draw on the gum shade of the sole. Covering distances on foot? These will be great as the crepe rubber sole flexes, grips and provides comfortable cushioning for every step you take. 

hugs and co blue suede loafer crepe sole

Men's Penny Loafers, navy blue suede with crepe rubber sole, Hugs & Co. £194.99

Next up we suggest the Hugs & Co. tan suede brogues. Again we've sourced an English suede with a perfect fine brush for this style. The sole is welted and made from a robust leather that can be easily resoled time and time again giving these shoes a long lifespan. Here we've teamed them with a jaunty fabric and a turn up at the ankle. 

hugs and co shoes suede brogues

Men's Brogues, tan suede leather sole, Hugs & co. £194.99

We recently released the Hugs & Co. Boat Loafers in three different colours. They incorporate a versatile deck shoe style sole, classic penny loafer silhouette upper and have been made with a soft Italian suede. Slip on a pair of black suede boat loafers with a grey suit to feel not just cool but noticeably comfortable. 

hugs and co suede boat loafers

Men's Boat Loafers, black suede rubber sole, Hugs & Co. £124.99

Sometimes you just have to keep it classic and for that we can help too. The Hugs & Co. goodyear welted men's penny loafers are of course available in a lustrous black English leather. These fine slip on loafers will take a gorgeous shine and certainly won't let you down when you need to look your best. 

hugs and co black leather penny loafers

Men's Penny Loafer, black leather with leather sole, Hugs & Co. £194.99 

January 26, 2017

Style Interview - Artist Alex Hall, Haut de Gamme

Alex Hall Haut de Gamme

A clean Scandinavian aesthetic is melted together with vivid brush work, colour and a passion for motor sport, the English countryside and wildlife. These characteristics are expressed wth a playful Pop Arty nod to iconic designs important to Alex Hall’s world. It’s easy to delight the senses whilst viewing his current collection of works; Ferraris, vintage Champagne and Polo Ponies are among a few of his favourite points of focus. Each one carefully rendered in a way that expresses the joy and excitement each subject would bring if it were in the room with you.

‘They are a conceptual subject, I look at each subject for why we like the look of them and then I use my style to portray that in a more powerful way.

I would never paint anything I don’t like, when people approach me with commissions I still want to do my own take on what they want. It has to be aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s good to have your own mark in life and to do things in my own way to show my perspective on it.

I prefer to keep stuff clean and simple which I like. The subject, range of material and experiences come from my English side.’

Alex Hall Haut de Gamme car painting

Some choice works revolve around classic cars and the Monaco Grand Prix. This deep interest Alex has in automobilia didn't get chosen at random or come about purely by chance. Motor sport is in his blood and he's certainly more than au fait with the lifestyle surrounding it.

‘I grew up around cars and my father was an historic racing car driver. Most of my friends and family are as a result related to motorsport. My Godfather was James Hunt, the F1 champion, and my Grandfather was one of the pioneers of bringing over Ford from America.

The delight he gets from motor sports shines through in his artwork. A Ferrari 250 GTO looms at us from the wall, virtually popping out of the canvas in three dimensions. The perspective of the car is from below the centre line, almost as if the viewer is kneeling to pay their respects to Enzo’s vision of the perfect motorcar.

Alex Hall Haut de gamme Hugs & Co.

Alex Hall wears Black Suede Laced Driving Loafers by Hugs & Co. £104.99

We asked Alex which was the greatest car ever made?

‘In my opinion the classic Fiat 500 it's iconic and accessible to everyone.’

Time for Alex is spent mostly in London where his studio is. For many painters though travel is an important part of life and inspiration and for Alex this is no different.

‘If I’m not in London then I'm in the Cotswolds or Sweden of course, both are a healthy escape from London. Then I just travel around to see new places’

Alex Hall Champagne Painting

As an Artist Alex has developed his style both on and off the canvas. Fashion and art are intrinsically linked and in this case each can easily feed into the other.

Given you're interest in classic cars would you say there's an element of the classic in the way you dress?

‘Yes but that's like life. As an artist I would say I am inspired by everything around me. Even by being around certain people, that can translate into fashion and my style. I don’t dress in a completely logical way, I choose style that I feel comfortable with regardless of whether it is considered right or wrong.’

You can see more from Alex on the Haut de Gamme website where all of his works are listed. Alternatively keep right up to date by following @hautdegamme on Instagram.


Where and when?

Jumby Bay in January.

Where with a party and where for escape?

St Tropez for a Party, for serenity my lake house in Sweden.

One place everyone must visit?

Sweden. It's beautiful, the people are good looking and the air is clean. A great place to get perspective.

What always goes in the suitcase?

Pair of Hugs & Co. laced black suede drivers, two pairs of spectacles, one pair of dark sun glasses and one tinted and then your ready to go.

Ditch the map or plan the route?

I ditch the map but someone else has usually planned the route!


Wearing it now?

My paint overalls and a pair of my old Indigo Blue Sneaker Loafers from Hugs & Co.

To catch some attention?

Double breasted blazer.

Shirt tails in or out?

Always in if it's collared, if it's more casual always out.

Is it ever too dark for sunglasses?


My next purchase will be…

A camera case.

The first style tip I learnt was…

If you’re wearing any jacket, to get a better fit put your opposite hand under the inside shoulder to get a better fit.

Never wear light socks with dark shoes!


Home City

Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

The Corner House Brook Green, Caraffini, Granger & Co.

For one quick drink?

My local pub.

Alex Hall Artist Haut de Gamme

January 01, 2017

Hugs & Co. men's Boat Loafers

hugs and co boat loafers

New in to the Hugs & Co. men's collection is the hybrid Boat Loafer. Combining our classic penny loafer silhouette with a versatile deck shoe sole in robust rubber. We have released this highly wearable style in three shades of suede each perfect for this time of year. As always meticulous attention has been paid to material selection, the Italian suedes and soft leather linings are brought together to create a product we are proud to put our name on. 

hugs and co boat loafers

The deck shoe sole adds further durability to your loafers but keeps a clean line and simplistic aesthetic. The shoe is perfect for a more active wearer whilst respecting the values of traditional style that carry through the Hugs & Co. collection. Comfort, endurance and design have each been balanced harmoniously in this new line. 

Available to order online now or drop us a line if you have any questions before you purchase. 

hugs and co boat loafers

hugs and co blue mens shoes

December 01, 2016

Christmas Shopping with Hugs & Co.

Hugs and co footwear christmas gift ideas

Its December and the Christmas season is upon us, time to look forward to festive cheer and giving presents to friends and loved ones. Here at Hugs & Co. we've got some great ideas for Christmas gifts like the taupe suede loafers featured above. Have a look through our men's and women's collections and you're sure to find plenty of great gift ideas. 

Once again this year Hugs & Co. will be honouring Christmas purchases for returns or exchanges until January 25th. That way if your purchasing a gift there'll be plenty of time to exchange if the recipient would prefer a different size. 

Hugs and co blue penny loafers

November 14, 2016

Keeping up with Hugs & Co.

Hugs and co women's driving loafers

Join Hugs & Co. on our social media outlets to keep up with everything we've got happening. Follow us to be the first to find out about new products and hear about special offers. We'll be posting our favourite images of Hugs & Co. footwear, outfit inspiration and giving insight into the lifestyle behind the brand. 

hugs and co footwear

We're on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Hit follow and you won't miss a thing especially the limited time offers we'll be posting about over the next few months. 

Hugs and co footwear

October 20, 2016

Choose Chelsea Boots This Autumn

hugs and co grey suede chelsea boots

This Autumn Hugs & Co. chelsea boots are a perfect way to stay on trend and looking sharp. Here we highlight two shades we think will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Slate grey is a colour that pairs perfectly with denim of any shade and many of our popular styles are available in this colour. The Hugs & Co. slate grey chelsea boots are shown here with a mid tone of blue denim. However they could look equally well paired with dark blue jeans with a turned up ankle or black jeans for an evening out. 

The robust goodyear welted construction of Hugs & Co. chelsea boots mean they're intended to be as enduring as the style itself has been. An English suede has been selected for the perfect pairing of materiality and expert craftsmanship. Boots like these will be with you for many years to come. 

hugs and co tobacco suede chelsea boots

There are six variants of the classic chelsea boot in the Hugs & Co. men's collection but winning a mention here is the tobacco suede option. A timeless colour for autumn footwear and as versatile as they are iconic. Tobacco suede chelsea boots are highly popular with some of the most stylish fashion influencers to have been snapped by photographers. Here we've decided to combine them with grey slim fit trousers allowing the two softer colours to compliment each other. 

Let us know what you've been wearing with your Hugs & Co. chelsea boots by posting or tweeting @hugsco or using #hugsandco 

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