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You'll find driving loafers in a huge range of both classic to highly imaginative colours here. All lined with soft leather and hand stitched for the perfect finish, Hugs & Co. loafers are made with superb comfort in mind. 

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Style Interview - Artist Alex Hall, Haut de Gamme

January 26, 2017

A clean Scandinavian aesthetic is melted together with vivid brush work, colour and a passion for motor sport, the English countryside and wildlife. These characteristics are expressed wth a playful Pop Arty nod to iconic designs important to Alex Hall’s world. It’s easy to delight the senses whilst viewing his current collection of works; Ferraris, vintage Champagne and Polo Ponies are among a few of his favourite points of focus. Each one carefully rendered in a way that expresses the joy and excitement each subject would bring if it were in the room with you. ‘They are a conceptual subject, I look at each subject for why we like the look of them and then I use my style to... View full article →