Driving Loafers

You'll find driving loafers in a huge range of both classic to highly imaginative colours here. All lined with soft leather and hand stitched for the perfect finish, Hugs & Co. loafers are made with superb comfort in mind. 

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Hugs & Co. Driving Loafers for the Summer

July 22, 2015

Here at Hugs & Co. we have the perfect collection of mens and women's driving shoes. In our fantastic range of colours you'll find just what you're looking for this summer. The famous driving loafer sole with its rubber studs offers superb comfort and a stylish look that is perfect for this season.  If you're looking for something a little more formal though, then why not try some of our men's leather soled loafers such as these black suede laced loafers.  Black Suede Laced Loafers, Leather Sole. Hugs & Co. £194.99 View full article →

Hugs & Co. Polo Team and what to wear to polo

July 13, 2015

The relaxed traditional style that Hugs & Co. is known for draws inspiration from many places. One of those influences is the glamorous and exciting sport of polo. Its played throughout the English summer at clubs across the country and the style associated with polo can been seen in our collections. Whilst the players and spectators are all used to dressing for formal events steeped in tradition the fun and relaxed atmosphere at polo allows for a softening of the dress code rules. This is where our soft suedes, colourful loafers and informal sneakers can be seen pacing up the pony lines or relaxing in the clubhouses that overlook the grounds.  Look out for the Hugs & Co. Polo Team this... View full article →