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July 31, 2017 1 min read

Hugs and co deck shoes for men

New this summer are the Hugs & Co suede deck shoes in the men's collection. Available in three different colours each with crisp white stitching, white rubber sole and corresponding laced detailing around the shoe. The Hugs & Co. leather lining is fitted throughout the inside of each shoe improving comfort and durability. 

hugs and co mens deck shoes

hugs and co deck shoes

Navy, taupe and dove grey suede are the first arrivals in this new collection and each one integrates perfectly with summer outfits. The clean line of the white deck shoe sole combines elegantly with the low profile upper and matching white stitching around the toe. The durable leather laces round each one off into a perfect summer shoe. 

dove grey suede deck shoes hugs & co

mens deck shoes hugs and co