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July 31, 2021 1 min read

Blue suede shoes hugs & Co.

In anticipation of his new website launching ( Nathan Lewis released this first set of still life images featuring the electrifying blue suede limited edition women's tasselled loafers by Hugs & Co.; part of the all new Jungle Collection

Hugs & Co.

The images transport us away from the Jungle inspiration for the collection and into a sophisticated cocktail bar setting. A whole spectrum of blue colour washes over the images creating a striking pallet. 

Hugs & Co. blue loafers

Nathan uses the cut glassware to accentuate the tactile pattern of the embossed Gecko print on the shoes; one pattern crisp and hard the other soft and natural. Of the few colours contrasting the dominant blue shades the eye is drawn to the luxurious natural tan leather lining that is synonymous with the exceptional quality of Hugs & Co. footwear. 

Hugs & co women's shoes

Hugs & Co. blue tasselled loafers

Shop for these and a unique edit of wild colours in the Jungle Collection by Hugs & Co. A vivid limited edition collection inspired by the colours of jungle flowers. 

Hugs & Co. driving shoes in blue suede

Hugs & co.