December 18, 2018

Hugs & Co. brown suede chelsea boots

The latest inspiration comes from Gabrielle, writer of A Glass of Ice, who chose to create a look around a pair of suede Chelsea boots from Hugs & Co. These boots are made with an English suede and feature a welted leather sole with hand painted edges. 

Hugs & Co. suede chelsea boots

Gabrielle commented: 

Something I've learnt the (very) hard way is how to dress appropriately for cold winter's walks.  I'm pretty sure we've all refused to wear a coat at some point in our lives, right?  And yes, I've headed out wearing heeled boots for day-long Boxing Day walks through mud and grass before now.  Oops.  But hey, lesson learnt!  For this look I'm wearing my new babies; Suede Chelsea Boots via Hugs & Co, a London-based brand founded in 2012.  Their footwear range began with the driving shoe and has continued that theme of comfort and luxury ever since and into their new collections.  One thing's for sure, I'm pretty excited to see their new style of women's loafer that will be launching soon!

Hugs & Co. chelsea boots

Hugs & Co. chelsea boots brown suede

Hugs & Co. women's Chelsea boots are available in black, tobacco and brown suede. 

Hugs & Co. women's brown suede chelsea boots

Hugs & Co. chelsea boots

Hugs & Co. Women's Chelsea boots, brown suede, leather sole


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