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April 09, 2020 1 min read

Hugs & co. close up

Take a close look at the Hugs & Co. men's tasselled driving loafers as shot by Viviane (van.tuxx). This signature style is a constant in the men's collection and features our favourite lightweight soft Italian suede lined with a separate layer of soft leather for comfort and retention of shape. 

Hugs & Co. taupe suede loafers

Skilled people are the key to the quality of Hugs & Co. Each pair of shoes goes through hand stitching processes to ensure that the shape is perfect. The individually cut pieces are repeatedly inspected as they come together to form a finished shoe. 

Hugs & Co. black suede loafers

Hugs & Co. men's loafers

The next key to the wearability of these shoes is the flexible studded sole, these shoes are the original hybrid style. The total movement afforded by the underside of the shoe combined with the softness of leather makes these comfortable the moment you put them on. 

Hugs & Co. men's shoes

The tasselled loafer is one of the styles that Hugs & Co. have always stuck with but if you're looking for something a little different why not try the laced loafers. Below they're shown in slate grey suede. 

Hugs & Co. grey loafers

Hugs & Co. grey laced loafers