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July 08, 2020 1 min read

Hugs & Co. suede shoes

Hugs & Co. teamed up with one of our favourite style writers Gabrielle Prosser who's latest shoot had a hint of fairytale picnic to the theme. Gabrielle chose a pair of pistachio suede tasselled loafers for the outfit and teamed them with a light, white summer dress. 

Hugs & Co. summer women's shoes

Gabrielle had plenty to add on the outfit and her latest selection from the Hugs & Co. women's driving loafers collection

'There's something very stylish about a pair of driving loafers and especially when they're in suede.  With this in mind, they're ideal for those brighter days when rain isn't forecast, but bumping into people you know absolutely is - happy you didn't throw on those old Adidas sneakers now?  Personally, I own a few pairs of Hugs & Co suede driving loafers now and each of them tend to be worn when running errands around the city.  They're my go-to for everyday wear that promises to be comfortable while still looking stylish!  Let's face it, during the summertime we tend to stay out for longer and so comfort really is a must.'  

Hugs & Co. women's tasselled loafers

Pistachio green suede is one of the many pastel shades available from Hugs & Co. See this colour in a fringed penny style too. 

Hugs & Co. women's summer loafers

Hugs & Co. suede driving loafers

Hugs & Co. women's suede driving loafers