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The Style Pyramid

May 24, 2013 1 min read

Have you ever bought clothes that seemed great in the shop only to get home and never wear them. The style pyramid can help you to avoid this and make the right choices when buying clothing using three criteria.

  • Fit - The is the primary point to look for. Everything else stems from how well your clothes fit. If your not satisfied with the fit of the garment its game over.
  • Fabric - Fabric is key to the comfort of the garment and how long it will last. The better the quality of the fabric the more wear you should get out of it and the better it should age. Steer away from rough feeling fabrics and also look at the gauge and thickness. A lot of hight street shops cuts corners by using thinner fabrics, this can ruin the look of a lot of garments and is especially important with wools and cashmere.
  • Style - Although style is what primarily draws you to something in the shop you want to make sure the first two criteria are ok before judging this. The main point you need to remember is that style is about your personal tastes and what you feel comfortable in and not about what a magazine or journal has told you to wear.