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The Art of Footwear

August 14, 2012 1 min read


We think this image by Arkitipintel is great, it's a simple idea but it really sums up how a lot of people feel at their desks during the week. The connotation of the crossed over laces is heightened by the monochromatic scheme the photographer has chosen. Adding more depth to the image is the choice of the concrete floor and the fact that a tired pair of brogues have been used rather than a new pair of shoes. The presence of the shadow also breaks up the symmetry of the composition, lending more texture to the floor and allowing the eye to find different areas around the whole piece to focus on. Take a close look at the out of shadow areas of the shoes and see how the photographer has captured the individuality in the different pieces of leather that make them up. 

An interesting piece of footwear artwork that definitely gets the Hugs &Co. stamp of approval.