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The Shirt you don't have to wash

April 29, 2013 1 min read

We love Kickstarter projects and this one is great for the man who never stops. Wool & Prince are a new brand who are trying to launch their product through kickstarter funding.

Their proposition is a shirt that you can go 100 days without needing to wash it. They found that the favourite piece of clothing for most men is their jeans because they can get so many wears out of them before needing to give them a wash. Using a special wool blend they have created the Wool & Prince shirt. What is great is that stay clean and non iron shirts are out there already yet they utilise polyester blends and nano silver infusion in the material that can end up giving garments and unpleasant sheen and feel to them. The wool & Prince shirt is proposed to be different in that it maintain a soft and authentic feel to the material.

For more information on Wool & Blend check out their Kickstarter page.