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Latest for the Hugs & Co. Men's range

July 07, 2015 1 min read

Hugs & Co. recently released a set of new colours in the men's range as well as getting one or two old favourites back in. Dove grey and deep purple return due to popular demand; both pictured below.


Whats new? You ask. Well how about our laced loafer style in yellow suede? Here for the summer and perfect for the hot weather. Also check out the tasselled driving loafers in denim blue suede.

We've also released our 'contemporary loafer' style. This has a plane front for a relaxed dressed down feel. This new style is available in two pastel shades, the first a lighter denim blue and the second a soft mango.


Hugs & Co. Yellow suede, men's laced driving loafers, £89.99


Hugs & Co. Denim blue suede, men's tasselled driving loafers, £89.99


Hugs & Co. Light denim blue suede, men's contemporary driving loafers, £89.99

Hugs & Co. Mango suede, men's contemporary driving loafers, £89.99