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Socks fit for the Pope

August 15, 2012 1 min read

The Gammarelli family are no ordinary makers of fine socks, since 1798 they have been making the socks worn by non other than the Pope. 

Giovanni Antonio Gammarelli began the dynasty tailoring for Pope Pius VI and was followed by his son Filippo and grandson Annibale. Today it is the sixth generation who run the buisniss; Maximillian, Lorenzo and Stefano Paolo. Over the years they have tailored for thousands of members of the Catholic Church and indeed still serve His Holiness Benedict XVI. 

The shop in Rome is one of the most historic you can visit and well worth a look in. If you can't make it all the way there don't worry, you can find Gammarelli's socks online so you too can be wearing a pair of Holy Socks!